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Within this website you can read about us and our projects. Please, do not hesitate to get back with us if you have any question by contacting us at: info@phhp-team.net

The PH&HP team has been created by

PH&HP team stands for Professional Help & Help Promotion Team. We are scientists very much committed to promote information to patients, families and the society as a whole about (ultra) rare diseases like the primary hyperoxalurias. But we also consider it important to offer our help as specialists to medicine professionals and as consultants to entrepreneurs in all medical fields.

Our projects:

As an example the links below will guide you to gain in-detailed information about our ideas and projects related to Primary Hyperoxaluria and Enteric Hyperoxaluria. Have a look!



rare disease day 2022

More Information

Europe is not only a continent. Europe is a rich variety of cultures and languages, with a strong historical background, which makes Europe a pleasurable place to live and to enjoy. These different cultures and languages need to be supported by united European projects, to

  • bring reliable and up-to-date information about rare diseases in your own language,
  • provide you with a better understanding of the disease and,
  • improve our connection as one united community, in which different languages will no longer be a barrier.

  • Please find a link to every current project in the specific language below.

    In most of the pages we have produced so far you will find the information translated into six different languages. We are currently working to translate our projects even into more languages. Our challenging European project has indeed a positive side effect: we can also reach the big Spanish speaking community in Latin America, in the US and the Portuguese community in Brazil! It is a great advantage that they can also use our information and read everything in their own language!

    We are proud about our team and you are more than welcome to send your ideas, suggestions, comments to improve our working.


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